i wanted to share a really easy diy project for updating your little one’s closet.  in 5 simple steps, you can create a unique article of clothing for your little one. all you need is a clothing item of choice, potato, and fabric paint.


pair of pants



fabric paint


1.  cut a potato in half and use a knife to cut out your desired shape

2. dip your potato in fabric paint

3. lay your jeans out flat and make sure you wipe any excess paint off of the potato stamp with a qtip

4. start stamping. dip the potato in the paint between each stamp

5. that’s it…let your pants dry and you’re done!

  • cass miller

    This is so cute and so creative! I’m totally doing this. I am also loving your blog updates, lookin’ so fresh!

    • holdenonbaby

      Thanks friend!! Can’t wait to see you make them for your girls. xo

  • Jackie B.

    Those pants came out awesome! Such a fun way to add personality to jeans.

    • holdenonbaby

      Thanks Jackie! It was my first real DIY project…so I’m glad that they actually came out!

  • Yellow Finch Designs

    fun! i did this tutorial on my blog a couple weeks ago. super easy and simple. great minds think alike 😉

    • holdenonbaby

      And we both did triangles! It must be those bobo choses designs infiltrating our minds :) Love how you did the three together (to match your logo?). Enjoyed reading your blog and will be back to visit!

  • Jenna

    What shoes is he wearing??! toms? so cute

    • holdenonbaby

      Hi Jenna! He’s actually wearing Natives…you can find them here. Holden loves his!

  • Devon DeMint

    I really enjoyed your post on Oh Dear Drea. I don’t have any kids (yet), but I nanny an almost 2 year old boy. Yesterday I was inspired to dress him in a vest (that used to be his sister’s) for our trip to the library. I love how you think outside the box with your family’s style.


    • holdenonbaby

      Hi Devon!! I’m so happy that you were inspired by my post on ohdeardrea! I really think that there are so many options for boys in the girl section…so many baby clothes appear to be unisex :)