over the weekend, we went pomegranate picking.  who knew there was such a thing, right?  ever since the first few days of fall (or at least the one or two days that it has felt like fall in california), i have been wanting to take holden to the apple orchard.  like i’ve mentioned before, i think it’s important to teach our little ones where their food comes from and the leaves changing colors causes me to long for baked cinnamon apples, apple cider, and apple pie.  unfortunately, we couldn’t find an apple orchard in our close proximity and didn’t feel like driving a few hours in the car, so instead we stumbled upon a pomegranate orchard.  the woman at the orchard told us that the particular line of pomegranates they grew were 1500 years old, saying they had originated in the spot where they believed the garden of eden to be, and that the seeds had been smuggled into the us from persia ten years ago.  it was kind of a crazy story and the woman talked our ear off for the entirety of our visit, but she knew what she was talking about and helped us find the sweetest pomegranates we have ever tasted.  as we were leaving, holden climbed into the basket with all of our freshly picked pomegranates and refused to get out.  we had to postpone our departure for about ten minutes before he was willing to get out.  such a a character that kid…but i must admit, it did look kind of comfy.

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  1. Carey King says:

    Wow those look so yummy, what a great idea would love to go to a place like that!!
    I have a quick random question, not based on your child just American families in general- do you guys still dicipline you’re kids with hidings? I know in the UK there are some restrictions on parents now and I was just wondering.

  2. Anna White says:

    Finding your blog for the first time. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Denise Lopatka says:

    those looks so yummy! looks like a wonderful weekend! just found your blog and i am so glad i did!! xoxo

    • holdenonbaby says:

      They were quite delicious. We came home with two months worth of pomegranates…not sure it’s possible to eat them all ;). So glad you found the blog!

  4. v.g says:

    that looks really fun 🙂 I live in SD…is that apple orchard in Julian? if so I might go soon 🙂


    • holdenonbaby says:

      Hi! I don’t live in SD, but my husband is from there and we have a lot of friends down there who LOVE the orchard in Julian! I’ve never been, but I have heard so many good things about it, that Julian is the first thing I think of when I hear the word apple. Let me know if you go!

  5. kirsty says:

    oh my goodness, don’t think i’ve been so instantly jealous of a blog post. would love to go pomegranate picking! love them and they are so expensive in WA! the color displayed on my table, the taste, how good they are for you. ok I’ll stop. guess I should be thankful for apple picking.

    • holdenonbaby says:

      haha! I wanted to go apply picking…maybe we should swap spots for a weekend 🙂 or i should just send you up some from the never-ending supply that we brought home with us since there is no way we will ever eat all of them.

  6. Naomi says:

    Love this – never knew there was such a thing! We just bought two pomegranate trees (plants?) and while we will never get the big ones, it should be a fun experiment!

    • holdenonbaby says:

      We didn’t know there was a such a thing either until we searched “picking” in our area. I’ve been wanting to get a few trees/plants so Holden can experience growing his own fruits and veggies….I didn’t know you could get pomegranate trees so I’ll have to look into this.

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