little man is wearing:  target sweater (similar here and here), walmart jeans (from the girls section), native shoes

we flew to san diego yesterday and let holden bring his own roller backpack.  he’s pretty obsessed with dragging and pulling things around the house at the moment so we thought that he would love getting to carry his own bag.  it was honestly one of the cutest things in the entire world…although trying to herd a 15-month old in the direction of the gate in a timely fashion when you’re running just a tad late wasn’t easy, so next time we will have to make sure we have a little more time before the flight takes off so he can really enjoy it.

  • Julie

    That is just soo cute! Holen is a gorgeous little man.


    • holdenonbaby

      Thank you so much!!

  • Hannah Rice

    Adorable!!! My oldest boy would love something like this. :)

    • holdenonbaby

      Holden is seriously obsessed! It definitely made getting through the airport a little harder, but he had so much fun with it, it was definitely worth it. We bought it at Nordstrom if you want to get one for your oldest :)

  • TOI

    just found your blog and i love what i see.

    • holdenonbaby

      I’m so happy to hear that and glad that you have stopped by!

  • TOI

    lovely sweet boy you have :)

    • holdenonbaby

      thank you so much! he truly does have the kindest heart :)

  • lauren Rebecca

    how cute!