1.  teepee // 2. cardigan // 3. cool bro sweatshirt // 4. pilot hat // 5.  cape and mask // 6.boots //7. bicycle print slip-on shoes // 

8. superhero mask // 09. the power of cute // 10. mobile // 11. wolf scarf // 12. wooden fire truck // 13. skateboard // 14. guitar //

15. musical drum set  // 18.  wooden bike //// 19.  cleaning cart // 20.  pirate puppet // 21. car mat // 22. toolbox // 23. reversible crown

i’m not really sure if holden is considered a toddler yet, but he doesn’t quite seem like a baby anymore.  here are a few items currently on his wishlist and perhaps a few gift ideas to keep your little one happy and stimulate his imagination.

  • katie

    great wish list where is the car mat from?

    • holdenonbaby

      I’m searching!! I thought it was linked, but something must have happened to the link…I think it’s from this site http://www.big-game.ch/ but I’m searching for the link to buy it and will get it to you!

  • Sara

    what a great list! filing this away for future birthday/Christmas gifts :) there are great DIY options for a teepee on Pinterest, too!

    • holdenonbaby

      thanks!! I know…we are thinking about making holden a teepee for christmas this year :)

  • mary javed

    This is brilliant! I’ve been looking for good wooden toys for my two year old. I totally love 2 & 3 as well :) xx

    • holdenonbaby

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure Holden would be happy with every single one of these items!

  • http://www.morethantoast.org Alice Harold

    That sweatshirt… amazing!!