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Daylight Savings





Bel wears ::  Splendid tee // Bel & Beau Mrs. Maxi 

beau wears :: So Little, So Hip Bird Suspenders // Mini Mioche Jeans

These were taken on that very first day of daylight savings where we used that extra hour of sunlight to explore one of the missions in San Diego. It’s funny how that extra bit of sunlight in the evening time can completely change my mood. Turning that clock back means so much –  longer and longer stretches of sunlight in the evenings, warmer weather,  and more post-nap adventures…summer can never come soon enough.

Playing Mama to Two

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photo 3

I shared one of these photos on Instagram last week and loved it so much I wanted to add it here as well (even if each kid is making a silly face in either photo). These were taken on an afternoon where we were lucky enough to babysit my niece and I was able to experience life as a mom to two…except that my niece is the easiest baby ever, so she pretty much induced full-on baby fever into our little family of three, particularly into Holden who seems to be completely smitten with babies at the moment. It is so amazing to watch Holden interact with his little cousin – fawning over her, tickling her toes, kissing her cheeks, and playing ever so gently with her.  His sweet demeanor never ceases to amaze me.  After a peaceful, playful,and joy-filled afternoon playing mama to two, I’m starting to think I could get used to this 😉

Holden and baby Kenley are both wearing pieces by the gorgeous children’s accessory shop, Henny & Coco.  Holden wears the Black Beaded Toddler Tassel Necklace and baby Kenley wears the Teal Leather Hair Bow.

Glitter Guide Shoot at Hotel Zetta













photos :: Dustin Benesch // skirts :: Bel & Beau

A few months ago, I stayed at the gorgeous Hotel Zetta for A Girl About Town Feature on the Glitter Guide and thought I’d share a few pictures from the shoot.  The hotel was a quiet oasis in the center of the city, and the hubby and I enjoyed our quick little weekend getaway.  I usually like to have the little man in photos with me (so I’m not the center of attention) and felt a little silly at times as we snapped shots around the hotel, but it was fun pretending to play model for the day.

#ElegantErrands with Bel & Beau Skirts & Lilla P

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photography: by amy lynn photography 

Bel wears: Lila P. cashmere cardigan c/o, Bel & Beau Black Tulle Skirt (coming March), Ivanka Trump suede booties c/o

Beau wears: Carmel Baby & Child c/o Fawn Shoppe, Gap striped shirt, Zara jeans, Freshly Picked Moccasins c/o

We didn’t give Holden any sugar for a long time (we would say that candy was yucky and he just agreed with us), but now that he’s a little older we allow him to indulge in something sweet every once and a while.  Mr. B has a slight addiction to chocolate (I literally can not keep ice cream in the house for longer than a day) and the first time Holden ever had chocolate ice cream, we knew by his reaction that the chocolate-loving gene had been passed down to him 🙂

I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but there are times that I just can’t help treating us to an afternoon at an ice cream parlor or cupcake shop, especially after the little man fell and cracked his forehead open (you can still see the glue on his forehead in these pictures). San Francisco is littered with quaint cupcake shops and bakeries, but I was hard pressed to find any near our new house until Holden and I stumbled upon Heavenly Cupcake in downtown San Diego.  With rows and rows of decadent cupcakes in every flavor imaginable, this was the perfect spot to introduce Holden to the world of cupcakes, and if you can’t tell by the pictures, he was pretty happy with the experience.  I bought one to share between the two of us and somehow I barely got a taste.


This post is part of my #ElegantErrands series with Lady and Prince.  To find out more about #ElegantErrands and how you can get involved, read more in this post.