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Pheasant Wing Feathers // Guinea Fowl Feathers // mismatched candelabras // Chocolate Cosmos Plant // Purple Viola Flowers // Fern Leaves // White Vase // Gold Wishbone // Reindeer Moss // White and Gold China // Gold Flatware // Gold Hurricane Candle Holder // Lace Table Runner //Gold Table Runner

I fell in love with this Jose Villa rustic glam wedding and felt like it would make a stunning and chic Thanksgiving tablescape.  We spend Thanksgiving with our large extended families so I won’t have the opportunity to create a Thanksgiving table setting, but if I did, this is exactly what it would look like.


this monthly post is one of the best things i have participated in, in that it reminds me on a daily basis to pick up my camera and document the little moments.  last month was a busy one and i feel like i wasn’t able to take out the camera as much as i would have liked, but this month, i took so many pictures i had a hard time deciding just which ones to post.

this month, it feels like summer weather has officially arrived and we have found ourselves on a wide variety of adventures.  when the weather is nice, we spend every waking minute outdoors and this outdoor life brings us all such joy.  it seems that each and every day, we are exploring new places and traveling all over the san francisco area to discover all that our city has to offer.  i’m not quite sure if it’s the weather thats brought on this sense of adventure or if perhaps it’s the fact that holden is finally at the point where he doesn’t mind being the car as much which makes me more comfortable to venture out further than before – but whatever the reason, i am thankful.  holden is such a sponge these days that not only are all of these field trips fun, but they are also such wonderful learning experiences.

and i must note that looking at our month of april, holden seems more like a toddler than ever before.  i can’t believe that in a short four months, this little guy will be 2.  where did the time go?



















make sure and head over to the beautiful lyndsay’s blog and see what her adorable family has been up to this month.  once you get back here, you know you have made it full circle.



here’s the second month of this photo project that i’m working on with the above wonderful ladies.  each month we share a behind the scenes peek into a day in our lives.  we will be making a complete blog circle, so when you’re done here, be sure to check out gloriously ruined and then make your way through the circle until you find your place back here, along the way getting a glimpse into the lives of different mamas across the country.

this is my february…..

after our very first post, i was so inspired to photograph more of the every little moments of our lives.  i picked up the camera more during january to the point that holden has become somewhat obsessed with them himself.  but then february hit, i got incredibly busy, i lost my lens cap, and i feel like it’s been a rare occasion that i’ve brought out the camera.  this month, i’m piecing together a few different days in february to give you an idea of what our february looks like.


we walk our dog every morning and it’s not complete without a stop to say hello to these little bunnies who are holden’s absolute favorite things in the entire world (we have to pick grass and feed them for at least five minutes every single morning).  holden also loves carrying his own plastic bag so that he can squat down and pretend to pick up dog poop.



the weather has been really beautiful, so we have been spending the majority of our time outside these days.


i haven’t really made a big announcement, but i’m the new digital editor for babiekins magazine.  i generally do my work while holden’s sleeping or after he’s down for the night, but sometimes i need to spend a few minutes on my computer when holden’s awake.  this is usually what it looks like.


since it’s been cold (and i’ve been working late), i’ve been having a hard time getting dressed in the morning, not to mention the opportunity is rare these days that i get a chance to dress up.  so i’ve made a goal to try and dress up (like really dress up) at least once a week, even if i don’t have anywhere fancy to go.  after my experience of grocery shopping in a tulle skirt, i’m officially hooked.


after being inseparable for 17 1/2 months (i can literally count the number of hours i’ve been apart from holden in his entire life on one hand), i’m trying to get out a little more on my own and give holden the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with his daddy and his grandma which is hard, but important for both of us.


holden truly loves art and we spend some part of every day doing an art project.


we have started potty training around here.  holden has been going to the bathroom in the potty since 15 months.  he’s always been interested in it, but i never pushed him to do it until he was ready.  we use cloth diapers on holden, but when travelling we use disposables and our last trip to san diego resulted in a bad diaper rash.  so when we returned home, he wore diapers as little as possible to get rid of the rash and that was kind of the start of our potty training.  holden is doing really well and has had barely any accidents.  we are so proud of him.


holden and i both woke up with colds yesterday, and I have been struggling to do anything other than curl up on the couch with the little guy. unfortunately, holden doesn’t feel the same way and keeping him contained for more than 10 minutes is impossible.  A no heat curl tutorial is coming up on the blog later today for all you busy mamas! so check back soon!



i met nomita when i stumbled upon her blog in one my hunts for discovering new children’s clothing brands and ebabbee likes quickly became one of my favorite children’s design blog.  nomita is a style-loving mama from mumbai who currently lives in London where she raises her little girl, anya.  her blog is an inspirational overload for every mama who loves beautiful things.  so if you haven’t discovered nomita’s blog yet, then you need to head here now.

the full interview is below:

Please send links to 5-10 items you are currently “lusting” over and a brief description/reason (they can be for you and/or for the kids)

I just need these jeans in my life // This chair because I’m always dreaming of decorating a new house // This clutch because it’s so pretty, so girly // I love every piece in this dramatic collection for kids // Chic, effortless, simple style always works and this pale lilac polka dotted dress is a perfect example // Love this simple but stylish kids bedding

What are 3 things you have been up to lately? (i.e. spending time outside with the kiddos, planning a vacation, etc….)

We’ve been enjoying some of the wonderful outdoor things London has to offer… a trip to the zoo followed by a picnic in neighbouring Regents park and visiting some foodie street markets like Exmouth and Borough Market.  I’ve also been busy planning and getting very excited about our next big vacation – we’re hoping to go to Argentina in the new year and I just can’t wait.  Lastly, I love cooking so have been spending time trying out new recipes from the hundreds of cookbooks I own.  Moro: The Cookbook is a current favourite.

What is your idea of happiness?

A big table full of delicious food and enjoying it with lots of friends and family.

What is your motto?

Live and let live.

What do you consider to be the greatest invention for mothers?

The camera.  It’s wonderful looking back at pictures of your kids and the memories each picture holds.

What are 3 words to describe the first month of life with a little one?

Awe, worry and lots of love.

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without during your pregnancies?

Dim sum!  Seriously, I needed a fix of the stuff at least once a week.  

What is your favorite resource for children’s clothes?

Ooh… this is hard.  I can’t pick one place as I shop all over the place.  But I will add that I am very partial to Scandinavian kids clothes and some current favourite brands that come to mind are Norlie and Soft Gallery.

What is your favorite store?

Again, very hard! But I do love Anthropologie and also UKO… a little boutique in San Francisco that I discovered while on holiday there.  I loved it so much that I went back 3 times in my 6 days there!

What is your favorite item in your closet?

I love my clothes but I’m a bit shoe obsessed so the answer would have to be my chocolate brown, gold and turquoise Jimmy Choo stilettos (which I’ve hardly worn since having a baby but still!)

What is your favorite children’s toy at the moment?

Not strictly a toy but I love the little dressing up stuff we keep buying for my daughter and so does she.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Simple, minimal, less is more.

What are your top 3 blogs to follow?

I love blogs that are beautiful to look at with lots of bold, eye-catching pictures. My current favourites are:

What are 3 things in your diaper bag 24/7?

I’ve never been a diaper bag mama. I used a large-ish handbag instead and carried the bare minimum of baby supplies.  Apart from the obvious things (nappies, wipes) etc, I can’t even remember what else I carried as it’s been a while but I know I never took much with me.

What is your favorite color-combo of the moment?

Bold colours combos like bright pink and orange together.

What’s your favorite way to unwind at the end of each day?

Watching ½ an hour of mindless tv!

What is one talent you wish you had?

The ability to take amazing photos.  Hopefully I can learn soon…